2017 Javelina Jundred

Every so often, we go into a race following a great block of training, we taper down without injury or incident, and in general, everything has gone right which presents us with an opportunity to really put things on the line.  That’s how I would describe my preparation for this race.  It was perfect.  I managed to string together some really big weeks of training, topped out at a 100 mile week, brought it down to a point, and without any issues.

In the final weeks, I had an idea of what I wanted to do -- break 18 hours.  In my head, that meant 17:59:59.  That would put me closer to the top 10 than in my previous attempts and it could also put me first in the age group.

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Dear Whole Foods

I went to Whole Foods the other day to get lunch and the only outside seat available was directly next to the bins labeled:  Compost, Landfill, and Recycle.  The front of the bins are covered with photos of what you’re supposed to put in them.  These bins are confusing to me!  I attempt to throw out my trash, I want to do the right thing but I feel like it’s some sort of test.  Tests give me anxiety and as I’m standing there, I can feel the eyes on me.  “He doesn’t know what to do…”.  The pressure becomes too heavy and I toss everything into the landfill bin.

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Body Composition

The other day, I saw some people tweeting about a blog post in which the author talked about “ideal” body composition.  Few things fuck with people more than to plant a seed such as this little gem.  It’s almost a disservice really but those who live in glass houses should not throw stones.  That’s my way of saying that when I was learning how to hack web code, I wrote a few calculators that did something similar but I’ve since removed them.  I know better.

This kind of talk of “ideal” weight can send someone on a path and I know how this story goes – it ends with a subpar performance and crying.  #truestory

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2017 Rocky Raccoon 100

At this point in my athletic career, what I do now is more to satisfy my curiosity than anything else.  When I signed up for the Rocky Raccoon 100, I thought it was a relatively flat and easy course.  This would allow me to answer a question that I’ve been asking -- How fast can I run a hundred miles?  Not run a hundred miles with gain and loss, not run a hundred miles with technical terrain, just the act of running a hundred miles.

Sure, I could do one of those looped NASCAR-style hundreds where you run a one mile loop over and over again but does that actually sound like fun?  Not to me.  The monotony scares me and I might quit from boredom.  I kid.  It’s probably fun in its own way but it’s not what I went looking for at the time I signed up for Rocky Raccoon.

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The 2017 Survival Guide to Being Coached

I thought I'd come up with a simple set of rules for being coached.  Call it a survival guide of sorts.  A mutual understanding between you and your coach -- because most of the coaches I know are doing this out of love, not for profit, and to ignore these rules will make them less sane.  You want to keep us sane.  In the words of my mother:  "Don't make me crazy!"

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2016 California International Marathon

This was my third go at the California International Marathon -- aka the Tour de 7-11 to some of the locals.  This unflattering name, I assume, refers to the lack of visual stimulation.  The course basically runs from nowhere, through suburbia, and ends in downtown Sacramento.  While not the most exciting scenery, it’s a fast course, sees more BQ’s than any other marathon (so I’ve been told), and it’s where I hold my PR’s, and my one and only sub3 marathon.

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